Media project Human Rights Reporters

Media project Human Rights Reporters

This is a new additional service of the international media project Human Rights Reporters, which has been founded in 2006 by the journalist and author of several books, Andreas Klamm.

The services are in the process of being updated.

You will find more information about this international project on and


Human Rights Reporters is a non commercial international media project which is supported by independent journalists from around the world. Many of these journalists are themselves victims of massive abuses and violations against the Human Rights.

If Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights do exist you will be able to find out on (United Nations).

Please, to what so ever conclusion you might come, be aware of the fact that most countries in this world do not take care about elementary and fundamental human rights.

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Human Rights Reporters, international media project

1 Antwort

  1. Theophilus S. Gbenda sagt:

    Wonderful reports indeed. Keep the flame burning.

    I am particularly happy that more and more journalists are getting aware that their role in society should not just be limited to writing stories about daily events.

    The initiative is superb, and i will love to replicate it in my home country, Sierra Leone, in West Africa.

    What does it take to become a member of this noble venture.


    Theophilus S. Gbenda
    Content Editor
    Awareness Times Newspaper
    Freetown, Sierra Leone

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